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My name is Morocco.  I am the owner of Backroad Candle Co.  With my own hands… I ensure that each and every candle is produced with love, positive energy, accuracy and superior ingredients.  Embedded with the highest quality of natural elements—our candles are produce by conjoining the following components at an extremely precise timing and manner.  For instance, our American grown soy is freshly squeezed by hand to add personality and character to our product—which also prolongs the candle burning experience to well over 50hrs per 8.5oz  

Ultimately, displaying an elite illumination that is nothing short of majestic.  When incorporating our organic fine fragrances and essential oils—the process can be overwhelmingly tedious at times. Everything must be done to perfection—which is why the teachings of my Great Grandmother’s Grandmother are so imperative.  You see, my Great Grandmother’s Grandmother—was  a slave.  Her job was to create candlelight out of pig fat.  Most of the time that pig fat was supposed to be her supper.  Instead of eating all of the pig intestines that were tossed to her, she decided to place a portion of it to the side for future use.  Her designated time to make candles consisted of late at night —well after her Master fell fast to sleep.  As well as in the wee hours of the early morning—before he would awake.  Many years later her Master discovered her unique and interesting ability to make candles out of pig fat.  He then ordered her to makes 100 candles per day for the next 40 years—up until his death.  Every Saturday he took the candles into town and sold them to the people in the community and surrounding areas.  He made roughly 1.5M from my Great Grandmother’s Grandmother handmade candles.  Sadly, she did not receive any of the profit.  However, before he passed—she heard news that she was added to his will.  Granting her 300 acres of the land in which he acquired free of charge for simply settling in the states.  This was his way of paying her back for all of the hard labor she put in without any pay.  I would say, that was a fair exchange—as that is the same land in which my Great Grandmother’s Grandmother began making soy candles on.  


Thanks to her hard work and his ability to ultimately “do business” with a black person—despite what he was taught and or thought—is what I admire.   I have inherented 200 ares of that land from my Great Grandmother’s Grandmother slave master.  How ironic is that, right?  Generations later, here I am—creating luxury soy candles that lovely people from around the world are purchasing.  Our candles are one of the most expensive on the planet—and yet the price has not altered your decision to purchase.  Thank you for that!  Thank you for seeing the beauty, importance and genuine value of our candles.  We stand for togetherness. You all are apart of the solution and not the problem.  I am grateful for all of your orders, kind messages and lovely stories about your family.  

From my inhereted land in Eufaula, Alabama—where my Great Grandmother’s Grandmother was laid to rest —to the Napa Valley where I now reside—and straight into your beautiful homes…I hope our candles provide you love, peace and happiness.


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