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This eco-conscious and non-toxic all natural soy candle brand has quickly become a favorite amongst the affluent societies of the western world.  We were recently granted permission to sit down with the founder/creator of Backroad Candle Co.  Days before one of the biggest stories of my career, I was let go from my positions as Senior Writer.  Resulting in reluctant meeting cancellation on my part.  I attempted to soothe myself by dwelling the fact that I didn’t know what to say or expect from the candlemaker anyway.  It’s not everyday that people like myself are able to sip tea with a candle maker who literally receives my monthly salary in seconds.  The thought of being laid off was so unsettling that I decided to google his name and pretend as if I hadn’t been fired for my brutally honest writing style.  


Not much came up at the beginning.  After a few long hours of intense cross referencing, I discovered a few things that left me even more intrigued than his $600 8.5oz soy candle that’s being purchased up and down California and all over the Upper Eastside— like hot cakes.

Lets begin with the fact that his name is Morocco.  I mean…lets be honest—a candlemaker who’s named after one of the most beautiful countries in the world…should pretty much say enough.  That’s what I had concluded until I eagerly decided to continue my research.  To my surprise more extraordinary fine points arose.  Come to find out, Morocco is a renowned poet who has written over 13 books.  Many of his titles are sold in all major retailers.  I purchased one of his literature books online from Barnes and Noble.  I believe it was called

Universal Poetry: IVY


In my mind, the morning meeting with the candlemaker was approaching quickly as the clock struck 2:00am.   Though sleepiness crept up on me, I wouldn’t allow myself to head into a meeting without being properly informed about the individual who took time out of their life to speak with me.  Amazing failed to stop showing itself as more truths presented itself.  Morocco is the Grandson of John KaSandra— one of the most popular soul singers of the 60’s.  It doesn’t end there…his uncle is the great European Classical Musician Yul Anderson.  His Uncle worked closely with every huge name in the music industry.  He’s even on the soundtrack for John Malkovich’s film, The Dancer Upstairs.

-Brett Johnson


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